Top 10 Q&A: Reed Hansen

Reed Hansen - The Wakeskate Tour

The 2014 season has ended & the dust has settled, with our Top Ten finally set in stone and ready to make their way to the Philippines for Spring Training at CWC. Meet Reed Hansen, in 4th place overall for 2014.

Name. Reed Hansen

Age. 24

Hometown. Groveland, FL

Sponsors. The baddest of the bad

Stance. Silly

Go to Trick. Heelflip

Favorite Place to Ride. Behind a towing device

Traveling Essentials. Kewshaw knife, wakeskate

What are you looking forward to the most about The Wakeskate Tour Spring Training trip? 

Hitching rides into town on the back of any local with a scooter, aka “taxi”.

Do you have any goals for this trip and any goals for the 2015 season? 

To get some quality photos.

What is the best experience wakeskating has brought you? 

I’ve met a lot of awesome people and see some amazing places along the way.

If you could learn any trick on a wakeskate what would it be? 

Double mc twist reverse varial

What is your favorite trick that’s been done on a wakeskate? 

All time favorite is probably Ben Horan’s kickflip.


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