Top 10 Q&A: Coco Mendez

Coco Mendez - The Wakeskate Tour

The 2014 season has ended & the dust has settled, with our Top Ten finally set in stone. Meet Coco Mendez, our youngest competitor on tour, tied in 9th place overall for 2014. He stomped multiple 360 shuvits down the enormous drop at Gridiron, earning him a well-deserved spot in his first ever Wakeskate Tour final. With consistent riding all year long and a spot in finals at Stop #3, Coco locked in his spot in the Top Ten & 2015 Spring Training.

Name. Coco Mendez
Age. 15
Hometown. West Palm Beach
Sponsors. Virtue Wakeskates
Stance. Goofy
Go to Trick. Back 3

What are you looking forward to the most about The Wakeskate Tour Spring Training trip? 
Spending two weeks watching and learning from the best. Also I can’t wait to be able to experience traveling to such an extreme.

Do you have any goals for this trip and any goals for the 2015 season? 
Goals for the trip would be to learn and develop my own style and approach to wakeskating, get some good footage. Goal for the tour would be to put my name a little bit further on the radar.

What is the best experience wakeskating has brought you? 
Maybe my first wakeskate trip?? Haha, no probably the tour and how it makes wakeskating one solid community.

If you could learn any trick on a wakeskate what would it be? 
Kickflip backtail

What is your favorite trick that’s been done on a wakeskate? 
Nick’s hardflip up battlefalls or Stu Shinn’s w2w backside flip


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