Top 10 Q&A: Bret Little

Bret Little - The Wakeskate Tour

The 2014 season has ended & the dust has settled, with our Top Ten finally set in stone and ready to make their way to the Philippines for Spring Training at CWC. Meet Texas native Bret Little, tied in 9th place overall for 2014.

Name. Bret Little
Age. 30
Hometown. Austin
Sponsors. Rockstar, Byerly Boards, O’Neill, Rukus, Texas Ski Ranch
Stance. Regular
Go to trick. Switch bs 180
Traveling essentials. Good company
Worst riding injury. Torn pectoral muscle

What are you looking forward to the most about The Wakeskate Tour Spring Training trip? 

I’m excited to experience the Philippines in a whole new way, with a fresh new park and an awesome group of guys dedicated to wakeskating.

Do you have any goals for this trip and any goals for the 2015 season? 

I want to film and shoot as much as possible, and just have a great time with all the homies. And I’d say my goals for the season are pretty similar, but I’ll probably ride most of the major contests as well.

What is the best experience wakeskating has brought you? 

The opportunity to make so many life long friends, I can’t count how many truly amazing people I’ve met on this crazy adventure.

If you could learn any trick on a wakeskate what would it be? 

Ones that aren’t possible, I wish there was a way to do true half-cab or nollie tricks off the water.

What is your favorite trick that’s been done on a wakeskate? 

Oh geez.. I don’t know, I’m going to type something and send this and then 10 minutes later wish I had said something else. Maybe Nick Robinson’s shuv back tail at CWC.


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