Texas Two-Step : Final Results

For Immediate Release — 6/16/14 — Little Elm, Texas

Texas Two-Step Stop #2 of The Wakeskate Tour presented by Rockstar Energy

The Texas Two-Step went off without a hitch. Texas hospitality was in full swing at Hydrous Wake Park in Little Elm. Having the cable park and sports bar on-site brought the action straight to the crowd for this amazing event. As with all things in Texas, the drop was bigger than anything we’ve seen on The Wakeskate Tour. The drop measured overhead for even our tallest competitors, presenting a genuine challenge to everyone riding, but any doubts about shredability were soon put to rest. Practice and qualifiers proved once again that wakeskating’s rate of progression was not slowing down any time soon. Metal rails and big drops were the theme for this unreal event. After some of the best quarter-finals we’ve ever seen, we moved right into the new semi-finals format, featuring three heats of 4, as opposed to our old 6-man heats, allowing our semi-finals riders to keep their flow going a bit easier. Gunning for one of the top two spots in each heat was the name of the game, everyone fighting for their chance to make it into The Wakeskate Tour’s Six Man Super Final. Danny Hampson, Bret Little, Nick Robinson, Yan Lecomte, Austin Pastura, & Andrew Pastura battled it out for 90 minutes with some of the heaviest-hitting riding we have seen. Austin Pastura was the man to beat, coming into The Texas Two-Step at the top of the ranks. When the dust settled it was 2-time world champ Andrew Pastura who put it all together with a switch frontside flip, bigspin boardslide line & a shove frontboard, 270 to switch frontboard line, showing once again that he’s among the best wakeskaters we’ve ever seen.

Stay tuned at thewakeskatetour.com for all the standings as they unfold. We are excited to see who finishes in the Top Ten this season, earning themselves a spot on the “Spring Training” trip to the Philippines, courtesy of CWC and Republic Wakeparks. This season is building up to be very exciting so far, with lots on the table, & the next 2 stops are guaranteed to be all-time.

Men’s Super Final Results:
1st – Andrew Pastura
2nd – Austin Pastura
3rd – Yan Lecomte
4th – Nick Robinson
5th – Bret Little
6th – Danny Hampson

Pro Women once again stepped up their game, showing that they had no problem with the massive drop & metal rails. Cassandra Scott took the proverbial cake with her ollie, boardslide line. All of the Wakebabes have been killing it and we’re excited to follow their progression!

Women’s Final Results:
1st – Cassie Scott
2nd – Jen GilanFarr
3rd – Calli Turner

The event was one of our best and we can’t thank Chad Lacerte, Cody Johnson, & the rest of the crew at Hydrous Wake Park and Towers Tap House enough for making this stop such an incredible weekend. The Wakeskate Tour is only as good as it’s athletes, staff, & sites, so we really appreciate all the help & support we receive. Huge thanks goes to our sponsors for their continued support: Rockstar EnergySupra BoatsNikeRonixSesitec System 2.0Unit ParktechSpy Opticsthe CWC, Republic Wake Parks, and Spy Optics. Without their help, none of this would be possible.

Current Standings:

T1 Andrew Pastura 18  20 38
T1 Austin Pastura 20  18 38
3 Nick Robinson 16  14 30
4 Yan Lecomte 5  16 21
5 Reed Hansen 14  5 19
6 Ollie Moore 12  5 17
7 Bret Little 2  12 14
T8 Danny Hampson 2  10 12
T8 Ben Horan 10  2 12
10 Nick Taylor 5  5 10
T11 Travis Belsito 5  2 7
T11 Andrew Fortenberry 2  5 7
T11 Evan Gambetta 5  2 7
T11 Coco Mendez 2  5 7
T15 Marcus Knox 5  0 5
T15 Braden Loi 0  5 5
T15 Matt Manzari 5  0 5
T18 Keaton Bowlby 2  0 2
T18 Clement Depremonville 0  2 2
T18 Aaron Reed 0  2 2
T18 David Roehm 0  2 2
T18 Josh Zentmeyer 2  0 2
T23 George Daniels 0  0 0
T23 Travis Doran 0  0 0
T23 Brian Grubb 0  0 0
T23 Dieter Humpsch 0  0 0
T23 Brandon Thomas 0  0 0


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