Suwannee Pro Video Recap & Results

Pro Men
1. Andrew Pastura
2. Nick Taylor
3. Austin Pastura

4. Reed Hansen
5. Coco Mendez
6. Marcus Knox

Best Trick
Andrew Pastura / kickflip frontboard shuv

Pro Women
1. Zuzana Vrablova
2. Jen GilanFarr
3. Tynna Rosero

A massive thanks to Nick Taylor for hosting yet another amazing at his wakeskate oasis, and to all of our sponsors for making The Wakeskate Tour possible: Rockstar Energy, Nike, Alliance Wake, SesitecAmbush Board Co, Active Water Sports, RemoteByerly Boards, Water Monsters, Southern, Wandr Co, Home, Liquid Force, Obscura, Grain, Project CoZeal OpticsChurch Grip, and Jessup Grip Tape.

Check out the full write-up and more photos at Alliance Wake!

The Wakeskate Tour - Suwannee Pro - Andrew Pastura The Wakeskate Tour - Suwannee Pro - Men's Podium The Wakeskate Tour - Suwannee Pro - Women's Podium