Gridiron : Final Results

For Immediate Release — July 8th, 2014 — Ontario, Canada

Gridiron Stop #3 of The Wakeskate Tour presented by Rockstar Energy

Stop #3 of The Wakeskate Tour took the crew north into Ontario, Canada for our first international stop! Andrew Pastura, the 2012 & 2013 Champion, came into the Gridiron tied with younger brother Austin for the top spot in the Tour standings, guaranteeing the Canadian contest to be a spectacular tie-breaker. In addition to watching the race to be crowned Tour Champion, it’s been exciting to follow the standings to see which riders will land in the Top Ten at the end of the season to earn their golden ticket to Spring Training in the Philippines. After a rollercoaster of an event & an impromptu site change, proving the wakeskate community’s ability to adapt to any scenario, the final round came down to Andrew Pastura, Coco Mendez, Ben Horan, Austin Pastura, Nick Robinson, & Reed Hansen. Coco Mendez, our youngest competitor at only 15 years of age, stomped multiple 360 shuvits down the enormous drop, earning him a well-deserved spot in his first ever Wakeskate Tour final! After a gnarly final round at the biggest drop in Tour history, Austin Pastura proved that he was the man to beat, bumping older brother Andrew out of the top spot in the standings. Austin was closely followed by Nick Robinson, another increasingly familiar face up on the podium since the inception of the Tour. Andrew Pastura rounded out the podium in third place with amazing riding as usual. These three riders have now guaranteed themselves a finish in the Top Ten, securing their spot on the elite Spring Training trip to the Philippines, courtesy of The CWC & Republic WakeParks. Follow the standings and watch the Tour unfold.

In Women’s final after a lot of riding Jen GilanFarr showed her composure with a well deserved win! She was followed by Calli Turner in 2nd and Zuzana Vrablova in 3rd. All the ladies have been stepping it up this year and you can see the hard work paying off.

The last stop and finals of The Wakeskate Tour will take us back to sunny Florida to Battle Falls on August 30th. We would like to thank all the supporters, followers, & riders of The Wakeskate Tour and our sponsors who continue to make this happen year after year. A special thank you goes to Jen Pate and Andy Oke at Windmill Lake who came through with a brand new site here in Canada, making this stop that much more special. Wakeskating has drastically progressed in the past three years due, in part, to the help of our sponsors Rockstar EnergyNikeSupra BoatsRonix,  Sesitec System 2.0Unit ParktechSpy OpticsCWC & Republic Wake Parks. We can’t thank them enough!

Pro Men
1st – Austin Pastura
2nd – Nick Robinson
3rd – Andrew Pastura

Pro Women
1st – Jen GilanFarr
2nd – Cali Turner
3rd – Zuzana Vrablova


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