Andrew Pastura – Wakeskater of the Year

2014 Alliance Wake Superlative Awards 

Wakeskater of the Year – Andrew Pastura

Congratulations to Andrew Pastura, for taking Wakeskater of the Year in the 2014 Alliance Wake Superlative Awards!!

“How do you follow up being the two-time defending Wakeskate Tour champion and reigning Alliance Wakeskater of the Year? You go out and do it again. Nothing seems to phase Andrew Pastura these days and not much of an argument can seemingly be made against him being named the top wakeksater in the world. Again. Not only has Andrew won the over Wakeskate Tour title in each of its three years of existence, he has also made the six-man super final in every Wakeskate Tour contest held in that time. What’s that? Contest results shouldn’t count for everything, you say? Well, if you ride like Andrew Pastura and everybody else wants to ride like you and bases the legitimacy of their own riding off of yours, then contest results only add fuel to the fire. From contest results, to video sections, to running his own wakeskate company, to writing articles and creating artwork for each issue of Alliance Wake, to continuing to progress his riding and style in a way that makes everybody else shake their head; Andrew Pastura is the King, hands down.”

Photo: Aaron Pastura


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