This is Why We Built This

The Wakeskate Tour brings the most progressive wakeskating and riding spots to the public. We work with like-minded riders and companies to bring the best wakeskate events possible.

The goal of The Wakeskate Tour is to create a competitive field for wakeskaters worldwide that showcases what is really happening in our sport at that moment. As much as this is a contest and any given day the results may change, we want to give riders the opportunity to take their vision of what wakeskating really is, and bring it to the masses. The Wakeskate Tour is not about learning a pass or becoming a robot; we actively frown upon such ideals. We want to keep the free-riders free and create a platform for the world’s best to showcase their style. Win or lose – it’s all about wakeskating.

We Are Wakeskating

Building upon the legacy of the sport’s origins, The Wakeskate Tour has been wakeskating’s premier development for professional contests. From the natural riding format and vibrant array of competitors, to the fresh and innovative contest locations, The Wakeskate Tour appeals to the largest, most-engaged audience of wakeskate enthusiasts in the world.

This is How it Works

Riders from all over the world come together to compete for the title of Wakeskate Tour Champion. Each event features an original single or multi-gap set-up that includes drops, rails and/or ledges allowing a wide variety of tricks and creativity for competitors. Three judges determine event winners with one Chief Judge who deals with the overall scores. The Wakeskate Tour judges look for clean, technical wakeskating and quality, not quantity.

The Wakeskate Tour’s events are structured using a bracketing system. Brackets are based on how well each rider performs at each event and how many points they have accumulated throughout the season. A point-based system is implemented throughout the season giving tangible overall rankings for the year and consists of the 24 total top riders. At the end of the season, an overall winner is determined based on the total amount of points earned throughout the entire season of events

Get in Touch

Questions, comments, concerns? Interested in getting involved with the most progressive event in wakeskating? We want to hear from you. Email us at info@thewakeskatetour.com.